It’s Easy Peasy to have fun
with your kids

Hello! I'm Kara, a Sydney based lover of making, baking and celebrating. Also the founder and creator of Easy Peasy Cakes. After becoming a mum of two little eating and crafting-aholics I realised they are probably that way because of me! So here I am (with the help of my fam) spreading our love of baking and crafting - by making boxes of delicious mixes and fun activity kits for you, that are easy peasy lemon squeezy.
From Aussie animals to Fairy Princesses, our kits help make play-time a little bit sweeter and greener.

Real Ingredients!

As a parent, I care immensely about the food we feed our kids, but also know how much they love delicious treats!
We only use only natural ingredients and organic as much as we can. There are zero artificials. Even our sprinkles are 100% natural (and GMO free)!
We also limit refined sugar as much as possible.
And what about gluten free and sugar free? Easy! We have options for most dietary requirements. Everyone deserves a treat right? Get in touch if you want to know more.

Plastic Sucks!

We care about the environment and try hard to teach our kids it’s importance.
We believe little things make a big difference and this is how we approach each kit.
We use recycled paper, environmentally friendly printing and stickers,
compostable food bags and even stock biodegradable cookie cutters.
Let’s celebrate Mother Nature together.

Would You Like To Know More?

Visit our FAQs page for more info.