Edible Lunchbox Stickers

The Easy Peasy way to make healthy food fun!

Sticketies are sugar free, gluten free & taste free. Perfect for making all kinds of lunchbox foods fun

Ready to make your kids lunches way more fun, nourishing and easy?



The stickers are so fun! my son loved making his lunch and I got a message from his pre-school teachers saying he was showing everyone his sandwiches, he was very proud.

- G

I LOVE Sticketies. Everything about them. The packaging is great, there's heaps in the packet. The kids can't wait to see what they gets in their lunch tomorrow!

- L

I can't bake or craft but this made it so easy. Seriously my kids now think i'm amazing. They had so much fun. THANKYOU!


We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

My girls love love loved the wand kit!!!


The kids had so much fun making the headbands and the bunny biscuits. They were delicious too! Thankyou!


...I really liked how the kit was a bit of a springboard for creativity with the cupcake toppers and extra cupcake liners. We had a great afternoon baking everything!


This is like a box of confetti full of joy and happiness! My husband is not even crafty, yet he enjoyed this beautiful activity with our boys! It's an easy peasy activity indeed with all the instructions included. Thank-you for making Fathers Day extra special in lockdown :)


OMG the cupcakes are so delicious. They're moist and fluffy and not too sweet. I can't stop thinking about them!